Neil Smye
Lloyd George Knew My Father & The Dresser

Neil Smye cast in ‘Lloyd George Knew My Father’ & ‘The Dresser’

22nd June 2018

Neil Smye is set to join the casts of ‘Lloyd George Knew My Father‘ & ‘The Dresser‘ showing at the Manor Pavilion, Sidmouth and Theatre Royal, Windsor.

Neil is a tremendously experienced actor whose credits include the National Tour of Little Women, The Star Spangled Girl at the English Theatre of Hamburg & Line at the Tristan Bates Theatre.

‘Lloyd George Knew My Father’ is a comedic play based around an eccentric British couple who, upon learning that a bypass is to be built through their property, are not best pleased… The play tackles issues of conservatism and conservation. Using black comedy, it promises to be a laugh-a-minute. Not one to miss!

To book tickets, click HERE for Sidmouth & HERE for Windsor.

‘The Dresser’ is a charming tale of friendship and love, written by the Oscar winning writer, Ronald Harwood. The plot follows the story of an ederly Shakespearean actor and his devoted dresser in World War II. Whilst preparing for the 227th performance of King Lear, the lead actor falls ill and fails to recall his lines, let alone the play they are about to perform. As struggle and chaos ensues, he recalls and reflects on the relationships he seeks to resolve before the final curtain falls.

To book tickets, click HERE for Sidmouth & HERE for Windsor.